Welcome to On Demand by Phone!

Brought to you by Greyfriars IT.

Greyfriars Church is delighted to be able to offer churches the ability to stream their services on a local phone line (local to you) in order that members, parishioners and friends can dial in and listen to your service or reflection. We know that more and more people are missing church right now and this is perhaps one way you can keep in touch with your community.

The only cost to your church is the monthly fee, which is dependent on the number of recordings you use and whether you are interested in restreaming your YouTube Live or YouTube Premiere Videos. The cost of the calls are borne by the caller (as this is a local call, local geographic call charges will apply and will, in most cases, form part of any inclusive minutes or call packages). Payment is requested quarterly, in advance and we will send you an invoice to enable you to make payment by cheque or bank transfer.

The process is simple. Just sign up and we will apply for a number on your behalf from our phone partners. Within 3 working days you will be issued with a username and password, along with your On Demand phone number. You will then be able to record your line’s welcome message and upload an audio file containing your service or reflection. That’s it… your community can then dial in and listen to some words of hope and comfort from your church.

If you sign up for this service your church is responsible for ensuring appropriate licensing is in place whenever you stream music on your phone line. Please note that words spoken in a reflection or prayer, as long as it is written by your minister or other member, is unlikely to require any copyright permissions.

If you feel this service would be of use to your church and your community then we are pleased to support you. Sign up here and get started.

Should you have any questions, email us at [email protected].